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Welcome to Homestay SeaKite

HOMESTAY SEAKITE COMBINATION Besides providing high quality accommodations, Homestay SeaKite carefully inspected, researching region culture connected all beauty attractions cross national wide to design unique private tour packages. Combination term is combining all most highlights in Vietnam. The theme throughout the tour productions will be experience in authentic local daily life culture in beaten track region where still preserver traditional custom, beauty un touch places, but still not miss highlight long the country, take this kind Vietnam combination trip would appreciated space between hotels in bustling city and nice, peace atmosphere in large space of lush country side of Vietnam where rustic and warm hospitality wait to host you as familiar.

HOMESTAY SEAKITE EASY RIDE BIKE. Home stay combine easy cycling is soft adventure ideally holiday that combines a bit of activity, with culture and natural beauty; this is the trip to choose! The place we choose to operate these kinds of trip is the gateway to beautiful rural places or amazing natural landscape mix authentic local culture. That area confirms all the postcard fantasies. You ride along quiet village roads and have a unique opportunity to discover traditional village life that has experienced very little change over the centuries. Your trip starts and travel to specific place. we pick up basic Vietnamese bicycle from our local family then enjoy easy slow pace riding on peace village’s lane, cross paddy field, wandering to neighboring region for exploration, no rush, hassle free, we completely leave busy be hide get really close to local culture environment.

Easy cycling distance is 15 to 20 km half day, 40 km for whole day this grade is suitable for multiply ages, we actually don’t want to use modern trek bike, because of the road are flat and the riding distance is long enough for those kind of bike, especially basic Vietnamese bike is friendly with local culture environment.

HOMESTAY SEAKITE TREKKING. Da Nang area is definitely a great place for experiencing local home stay and trekking holiday, due to natural favorable a really beautiful mountain landscape alternative with diversify culture are scattering long the country. There is no better way to immerse in local culture than experiencing a village home stay. Here would be wonderful chance for cultural exchange in authentic local culture environment, it will also offer the visitor great a view about how local inhabitance live and make a living.